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British visitors to Redoak are always pleasantly surprised by the Pommy Bitter, saying it reminds them of home – except for the fact it’s served cold, rather than at room temperature. This beer’s been impressing people for a while: it’s brought home gold from the World Beer Awards, World Beer Cup, and the International Beer Challenge, so it’s not something to be taken lightly… which is a little ironic for a beer sits at just 3.4 percent ABV.

An amber colour with a touch of rust, this English-style bitter uses Fuggle hops to bring a taste of the UK to Australia. I could tell you a glass of Pommy Bitter contains a little caramel, a little citrus, a little dried fruit and spice, but don’t listen to me – I’ve never been to England. Listen to the British nationals who love it. Listen to the awards it’s won. Order a pint of it and listen to your tastebuds.

Mick Wust

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