La Sirène Super Saison

La Sirène Brewing

As if the straight La Sirène Saison wasn't super enough... Having played around with the malt bill, yeast profile and other aspects in a number of saison variants, in late 2014, Costa Nikia decided to ratchet the volume up a little. The Super Saison is the result; effectively an imperial saison, but presumably it was felt the word "imperial" was a little aggressive for both the beer style and the brand.

The beer is another winner – along with the Wild Saison, The Crafty Pint's favourite from the range (and Costa's too, apparently) – that pours with the brewery's familiar steepling and persistent head and offering a boozy richness beyond most beers of the style without sacrificing the subtle complexities. The fruity, spicy aromas remain set alongside bigger, sweeter malt flavours that its brewer likens to macerated oranges.

Double Saison
La Sirène Brewing

2 Wingrove Street
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