Gage Roads Premium Mid Pils – RETIRED

Gage Roads

When you're brewing for the frequently sweltering and bone dry Western Australian beer market, chances are you're going to want a midstrength in your lineup and this is where Gage Roads' Mid comes in. The brewers aim to combine midstrength with a Czech pilsner, something WA stablemates The Monk do with panache, with the result an insanely, brilliantly bright pale lager with hints of malt sweetness, lemon hop aromas and esters upfront. They all disappear off the palate in the sort of quick clean up job of which The Wolf in Pulp Fiction would be proud, leaving little more than an iced water like reminder that something was once there, presumably so you buy another one just to make sure.

Midstrength Pilsner
Gage Roads

14 Absolon St
WA 6157

(08) 9314 0000
Open Hours

9am to 5pm


By appointment

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