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A colourfully packaged beer even by the standards of a brewing company making a name for itself with its colourfully packaged beers: the Californicator comes complete with a pair of grizzlies* riding a pink surfboard while indulging in reproductive activities. It's a bold statement, and one that's suitable given the beer that's inside.

Paler than the other two hop forward, US-inspired beers in their core range (F-Yeah APA and FrankenBROWN), it's also rather bigger at 7.5 percent and certainly hoppier. Indeed, the pale malts are there to do little more than act as a platform upon which the all-American hops (Ahtanum, Simcoe and Columbus) can go to work. The boys reckon you'll find citrus, passionfruit, apricot and pine hop characters in there; of those, it's the apricot that shines through most in our experience in a beer that does a good job of convincing you it's not as boozy as it is. Presumably the grizzlies had enjoyed a couple before taking to the waves...

*It may not be a pair of grizzlies, but rather another type of brown bear as our limited research tells us that the Californian grizzly is now extinct. That said, there are two bears, they are enjoying an intimate moment and they are on a pink surfboard. And, on reflection, we may have overthought this...

West Coast IPA
Big Shed Brewing Concern

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