Mornington Peninsula Brewery Sacchariferous Stout

Mornington Peninsula Brewery (Tribe)

Released June 24, 2015

If there's one thing Mornington Peninsula Brewery does particularly well, it's dark beers. OK, so it does lots of beers very well, but any lineup that includes their Brown, Porter and Imperial Stout is a winner in anyone's books. For the winter of 2015, they're adding a few more too. A black lager came and went without us noticing (oops) but we were back on the case with a new stout.

Going by the name Sacchariferous Stout (with the long word meaning "containing sugar") it is a sweet / milk stout brewed with lactose that registers a very approachable 4.3 percent ABV. According to head brewer AG, it has come up with "a pillowy chocolate palate and soft mouthfeel" as well as "inviting aromas of mocha and chocolate", "a sweetly rich and smooth palate, vanilla and chocolate notes coming to the fore" and a "luscious mouthfeel that rounds out with a light roast finish." No doubt sweet stout obsessive Nick O will be making a beeline for any NSW stockist...

Milk Stout

Beer DeLuxe Hawthorn

Foresters Pub & Dining

Grain Store

Grape & Grain Liquor Cellars

Harts Pub

Local Taphouse St Kilda

The Spotted Mallard


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