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Mash Brewing

Published July 13, 2015

It would seem the Sarcasm (the name of Mash's "session double IPA") lingers on at the WA brewery. When dropping us a line to notify us of his latest limited release beer, brewer Charlie Hodgson plundered a few other phrases that tend to be favoured by the bigger breweries' marketing departments and marketing led beer brands: "Brewed longer for a smooth taste" (because it required a long, protracted ferment to get where he needed it, he say); "Batch brewed" and "Cold filtered" because, well, it's beer.

As for what sort of beer, Invisible is a deep, ruddy weizenbock, or strong wheat beer, and one that clocks in at 8 percent ABV. Charlie says: "A touch of aged banana and stewed fruit on the nose is just the beginning. Sweet, almost candy like, soft chocolate malts come to play, bitterness is nearly non existent and the palate finishes off with a hint of warming alcohols." Perfect for popping in your favourite goblet on a winter's day, he reckons too.

20 IBU

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