Wheaty Brewing Corps Non-Corps Promise

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Brewer's notes:
For the last year we’ve been telling you that Corps Promise was ‘the one beer we will never alter. The one recipe we will never tweak.’ We have decided, retrospectively, that our committment to ‘never alter’ Corps Promise was itself a non-core promise and so doesn’t count – especially under extenuating circumstances.

So for the Wheaty Brewing Corps’ first Birthday, and quite possibly every Birthday to follow, we’re going to take Corps Promise and break it; in the best possible way. This year we’ve brewed a supercharged version: bigger, boozier, hoppier and altogether less subtle than the original.

More Corps for your Promise.

Non-Corps Promise is a hoppy, spicy and bitter Rye IPA with big tropical hop aromatics and a dry, piney twang to finish. We used the same Malt Bill as Corps Promise (just more of it), a similiar Hop charge (lots more of it) and enlisted yeast US-05 to give us a drier finish and accentuate all that Hop and Rye character. Trust us...

60 IBU
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