Wheaty Brewing Corps Blood Oats

Wheaty Brewing Corps

Brewer's notes:
Sixpoint’s Shane ‘Galaxy Galaxy Galaxy’ Welch couldn’t make it to Oz for the Good Beer Wheaty Yeastie ‘Fug Oats’ brewday in May, so when faced with the prospect of a short-order collaboration during his whirlwind October visit:

Shane: “That would be killer!!!”

Wheaty: “Blood Oats!”

Job done.

Clearly Blood Oats had to be oaty and had to be Red, so we settled on a cranked-up version of our Red Ale. In essence Blood Oats is a bigger, oatier, hoppier rendition of CRed, with plenty of Galaxy Galaxy Galaxy thrown in the Whirlpool, Hopback and Fermentor for good measure and big pineapple. Yeastie Stu popped in to say g’day, Shane made it to the Wheaty against all the odds, and we set about discussing the next proper collaboration...

Oat Red Ale
50 IBU
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