Wheaty Brewing Corps Sir Bob (Gelbhopf)

Wheaty Brewing Corps

Brewer's notes:
Once we established that the beer we’d be brewing with good friend and long term ally Dave Bonighton was a golden, hoppy German pils, Sir Bob ‘Gelbhopf’ – ‘Gold Hop’ auf Deutsch – pretty much named himself.

Sir Bob is German style pils positively growling with spicy, floral and herbal characters courtesy of New World Hallertau hop derivatives Helga (AUS) and Pacifica (NZ). Dave hadn’t brewed with Helga before and we hadn’t brewed a proper pils, so this pretty straight take on a pretty straight style was a brew of firsts for both of us.

A long, cool ferment with our ‘house’ lager yeast and extended cold conditioning has resulted in a clean, spicy and bitter pils. Fresh, uncomplicated and smashable. Nothing switched to overload.

A simple beer brewed with a complex Goat; and I don’t mind at all...

German Pilsner
30 IBU
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