Mash Brewing Cola Nick & Wizz Fizz II

Mash Brewing

Published November 16, 2015

Mash Brewing's line of funked up beers with even more funked up labels (sorry, collector's cards swinging from their necks) returns as a twosome. The series of Berliner Weisse created by 3 Ravens brewer Brendan O'Sullivan at the WA brewery's Melbourne outpost launched earlier this year as a threesome: the "straight" Wizz Fizz and two flavoured versions, Granny's Apples and Purple Stain. The last of these has since picked up a trophy for Best Wheat Beer in WA, around about the same time as its successors were taking shape.

The two new releases feature a brand new beer, Cola Nick (in which the pun becomes rapidly apparent once you spy the swinging, Simpsons-referencing neck card), and a new version of Wizz Fizz (the one with Yolandi Visser letting things go in a jacuzzi). Cola Nick, as the name suggests, is an attempt to follow Purple Stain's recreation of Brendan's much-loved grape drinks of his youth with a recreation of Coke lollies in sour German beer-inspired form. Thus into the base beer went all manner of herbs and spices plus the "inimitable cola acid [E338]" with the result a beer that looks rather a lot like Yarra river water but tastes far better, not too dissimilar, indeed, from the cola bottles of youth Brendan was aiming for.

As for the new Wizz Fizz, it's a big step up from the first: cleaner, sharper, with an appealing acidity and a tart fruitiness to both the aroma and the taste. When they launched the series and made it clear that Wizz Fizz would be the only returning beer, it seemed a shame as it was the weakest of the opening salvo. Right now, like Ninja, I'd happily go another round in Yolandi's bubbles.

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