Shenanigans Brewing Flight Path (2016)

Shenanigans Brewing

Released March 14, 2016

In the autumn of 2015 Shenanigans released a brown ale infused with coffee from Marrickville merchant Double Roasters. The beer was dubbed Flight Path, the same name applied to the most popular blend of beans sold at Double Roasters' home below the air approach to Sydney airport. Flight Path the beer, using Flight Path the coffee, has been brought back by Shenanigans for autumn 2016, though it’s a vastly different drop.

For starters, the malt bill has been stripped back and refined, to the point that it’s no longer a brown ale but a deep red ale. The ABV has been ramped up almost a full percentage, moving from 5.1 percent ABV to an even six percent (not that you really notice). The hops are still a combination of US and Australian varieties, but this time a pairing of Mosaic and Galaxy. It seems the only thing threading this new beer to the old is the coffee connection and, even then, the actual infusion process has changed to two late infusions in the fermenter. So was all the tinkering, from a beer that was generally well received anyway, worth it? The brewers reckon so, and we suspect most others would be inclined to agree.

Leaner but somehow more luscious, it’s got a fair whack of coffee up front that, with the hops, contributes a juicy bitterness. It’s a far fruitier affair overall, the hop characters accentuated by the darker and dirtier fruitiness of the coffee infusion; amongst the melange there’s even the hint of something earthier, like roasted capsicum. It’s worth letting the beer warm a little as the further down the glass you go the more the sweet malts come into play, leaving light caramel as a pleasant lingering flavour. The addition of oats is a nice touch too, pairing with the coffee for a delicious creaminess.

Nick O

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