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Napoleone Brewery & Cider House

Released May 25th, 2016

For the most part, Yarra Valley's Napoleone Brewers are dyed in the wool traditionalists. Yes, there's an American style pale ale on their lineup (the owners insisted on it and it later won gold at Sydney's beer awards) but generally they stand apart from most of the contemporary Australian beer world thanks to a preference for malt and yeast driven beers that shun the US led race for all things bigger and hoppier.

That said, they're dallying with modern trends in at least one way with the release of their first can. Equally, they've chosen to fill the cans with a beer that heralds from the cosy pubs of England: an ESB that has become one of the most popular drops at their gorgeous cellar door. It's a beer (which in can form is brewed and packaged under license at Icon in NSW) that stays true to the template: pouring a rusty copper colour, it's all about sweet biscuit and toffee malts, marmalade, soft floral hops and a gentle earthy bitterness. It also offers something new to local lovers of beer in tinnies.

35 IBU

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Napoleone Brewery & Cider House

12 St Huberts Rd
VIC 3770

(03) 9738 9100

10am to 5pm seven days a week


Tours are available seven days a week depending on brewery operations.

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