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Hop Nation

Released May 1st, 2016

It takes a fair bit to stand out in a bottleshop fridge these days, but The Sturm is the sort of beer to catch the eye of any beer hunter on the lookout for something different. For a start, the "label", if it can be called such, is stencilled on to the bottle. Then there's the wax-dipped top. And then, if you've been lured in, you'll notice the stencil features hops and grapes. Yes, here Sam and Duncan combine their two careers in one with a beer-wine hybrid.

The Sturm is a collaboration with Victorian winery Jamsheed, featuring a blend of wild fermenting Riesling juice and the unfermented wort of their Damned pilsner. To this was added a blend of German hops they figured would complement the Riesling character. The result is a unique and quirky beverage that has nods to the beer side, particularly limey, citrusy characters, plus an acidity from the wine juice, and possesses plenty of funkier traits too.

Beer Wine Hybrid
Hop Nation

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