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If you're going to take the real ales of England as your inspiration, you've got to have a bitter in your line up. And Loch does: a Best Bitter, no less. To those who've not visited the UK and are familiar with the term "bitter" as something to describe a sensation or taste, in the parlance of the English beer drinker it refers to beers that are typically golden or paler in colour and offer a little caramel malt, some fruitiness from the yeast, but mainly a broad, often earthy, drying bitterness and floral hop aromas.

So what does Loch's deliver from its hazy pale straw body? Twiggy, floral hop aromas typical of English hops (it uses Challenger, East Kent Goldings and Fuggles), a broad, earthy bitterness, a very dry finish and little else. Which is presumably just what they're after.

Best Bitter
Loch Brewery & Distillery

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