Rogue Wave Moby Pale Ale

Salt Brewing Co

Alongside Salt, this is the beer for which Rogue Wave is becoming best known. You might argue that it's in part because of the association with Sea Shepherd; it was first brewed for the conservationists, pours on board their ship and 10 percent of the profits of each bottle sold goes towards the organisation's cause. Yet it's just as likely to be popular because it's a damn tasty take on the American pale ale style, a style that beer lovers across Australia can't get enough of.

At launch, it was a showcase for some of the big-hitting US hop varieties but, aware that they're becoming tougher to get hold of, brewer Chris has been switching to Kiwi varieties over time. The aim, however, is to maintain the beer's character, that being a pale ale of the lean, fruity and citrusy ilk.

American Pale Ale
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