Mornington Peninsula Hop Culture

Mornington Peninsula Brewery (Tribe)

Released November 15, 2016

Since they started canning at their second brewery site, Mornington Peninsula hasn't been shy in bringing new beers to market. Their #tinnage limited release range has popped out a new (or previously only available on tap) beer every month or two. Yet they've not made as much fanfare about any of those beers – even those that became Australia's first nitro cans – as they are with Hop Culture, a beer that comes with a striking design bolder even than any of those #tinnage beers.

They clearly have big plans for the session IPA too as the Pop Art-inspired World War II fighter pilot yelling "Gadzooks!" as he tears towards an exploding hop cone is printed on the can, rather than a label stuck onto the can, meaning they've invested in plenty of them. They've also spent a fair amount of time honing the recipe to get it where they wanted it: sub 5 percent ABV and full of hops.

It's a beer that delivers on the tropical hop front, both in terms of aroma and flavour, and does so without leaving much of a mark in terms of bitterness at all. As a result, it drinks rather too easily, slipping down like smooth hop juice and plugging the gap between the brewery's less hopped up Pale and more aggressively bitter IPA rather nicely indeed.

Session IPA
Mornington Peninsula Brewery (Tribe)
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