Hawthorn Brewing Discovery Pack

Hawthorn Brewing Company (Aus Venue Co)

Released November 21st, 2016

With Christmas coming, there's a few brewers going down the box set route beloved of record labels. Among those to do so is Hawthorn Brewing, who have packaged together their five core beers along with their most recent seasonal: the New World Lager.

If you're unfamiliar with their range (which presumably means you're the target audience for a pack bearing the name Discovery), those five core beers are the herbaceous, spicy Pilsner, the malt led, English brown-inspired Amber, the soft melon and tangerine aroma'd Golden Ale, the West Coast US style Pale Ale and the tropically aromatic Australian IPA.

According to brewing company co-founder Peter Willis: "The hope is that this introduces new consumers to the craft beer journey, and they will then explore further for styles and flavours that they like.”

NB If you're reading this before November 25's Friday newsletter, we're giving a couple away to readers too.

Mixed Pack
Hawthorn Brewing Company (Aus Venue Co)

111 Victoria Avenue
Albert Park
VIC 3206

(03) 8563 0012
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