Bandicoot Brewing Rusty Pale Ale

Bandicoot Brewing

Having looked to cover the "entry level" spot in her opening lineup with the Barbed Wire Blonde Ale, Tracey didn't hold back with this pale ale. Just a glance let's you know that there's a hefty malt bill at play: the beer pours a gleaming rusty colour (hence, presumably, the name) that borders on amber.

Liberal additions of New World hops give the beer aromas that range from tropical mango to citrus and pine, with a hint of grassiness in there too. They contribute fruity flavours alongside prominent toffee malts, as well as a lively bitterness that ensures it finishes drier than you might have expected.

Pale Ale
Bandicoot Brewing

Factory 2B, 100 Northern Highway
VIC 3564

0481 333 306
Open Hours

Thursday: 4pm to 8pm
Friday: 4pm to midnight
One Saturday a month: 4pm to midnight


By appointment

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