Blizzard Brewing Powder Pale Ale

Blizzard Brewing

When you're based in the Victorian High Country, it's not just the wilderness and outdoor activities that you're blessed with: you also have access to locally grown hops. And that's something Blizzard took advantage of with its Powder Pale, which used Melba hops throughout to create a beer based around tropical and grapefruit aromas and flavours.

More recently, however, after enjoying success with the Belgian-influenced Bladerunner, they switched to a Belgian house yeast and reinvented their pale. The yeast switch wasn't the only one, with Cascade introduced as the lone hop, with the result, according to the brewery, a beer that "displays citrus, melon and tropical fruit with a phenolic and spicy undertone from the yeast."

Australian Pale Ale
40 IBU
Blizzard Brewing

5 Cattle Pen Drive
Dinner Plain
VIC 3898

0417 335 548
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