Clare Valley Brewing Co Summer Ale

Clare Valley Brewing Co

Released March 23rd, 2017

When South Australia cooks in searing 40 degree heat over summer, beer drinkers tend to gravitate to lighter coloured beers: lagers, pilsners, wheats, hefeweizens, bright ales or, in this case, a summer ale. Not really a style, perhaps, more a lifestyle beer – one suited to repeat visits on a hot day. As such, the Clare Valley Summer Ale was added into its core range after they realised their portfolio contained a lot of beers more suited to winter. It's a beer designed to be enjoyed while swimming around a pool with mates, sipped over a picnic in the park or gulped whilst kicking a footy in the backyard.

A tight knit fluffy head tops a beer with a golden glow and in which a pilsner malt aroma is dominant alongside a very subtle hop presence, created by a blend of Kiwi hops Pacifica and Motueka and English variety East Kent Goldings. A clean, crisp, easy-drinking ale ensues, with a gentle bitterness, no overpowering flavours and great balance. Flavoursome, dry and crisp without being boring or bland, the Summer Ale is a welcome addition to the Clare Valley range and ideal when those stinking hot SA days come around.

Matt King

Summer Ale
Clare Valley Brewing Co

22 Jeanneret Road
SA 5453

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