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Staves Brewery

Released January 26th, 2017

Despite being a brewpub, there are plenty of people who go to Staves and aren't there for the beer. They’re there for events, for the garden and for the general convivial ambiance, so when they head to the bar all they want is a beer, not a lecture on Belgian yeast strains or the subtleties of different hop varieties. For those people, this lager is what they overwhelmingly end up choosing. It’s funny, then, to think that when the brewery first got going a lager wasn't part of the plan. That’s not because there’s anything at all wrong with a lager but simply because the brewery wasn't exactly set up with it in mind, plus, if you want to do it properly, they take longer to make. However, as brewer Liam grew to understand the nuances of the brewery setup and how best to manage the demands of the rest of the ales, they figured they could make a lager work. It turned out to be a good decision as Staves lager – a German style pilsner with New Zealand hops (Pacific Jade and Wakatu, if you’re interested) – has become one of their most popular beers.

Staves Brewery

4-8 Grose Street
NSW 2037

02 9280 4555
Regular events

Thu: Open mic night
Fri: Comedy night
Sat: Live music

Open Hours

Thursday: 4pm to 10pm
Friday: 4pm to midnight
Saturday: 2pm to midnight
Sunday: 2pm to 10pm


By appointment

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