Wildflower Gold


One of the central forces driving Wildflower is change. The nature of their barrel ageing and blending process means that consistency between bottled batches of beer is more of an aim than it is a requisite feature. That said, there’s a natural progression based on a general guideline. Take the Gold beer, for example. It sits in saison territory (however broadly you might want to apply that brush to the style) and the first batches could be succinctly described as showing citrus and stone fruit characters, spicy aromas and having a dry and slightly acidic feel. And it ought not to change much from that, though there will be subtle variances as the yeast continues to develop, the barrel program continues to develop, and the range of stock to blend from increases. But for the most part you can expect to enjoy a beer that’s reasonably light yet full of complexity and one that looks the goods as it's beautifully bright in the glass. If yours should appear a little hazy, don’t worry – it probably just means you've given the yeast at the bottom of the bottle a little shakeup.

Australian Wild Ale

11-13 Brompton Street
NSW 2204

Open Hours

Tuesday to Thursday: 10am to 4pm (for takeaway sales only)
Friday & Saturday: 2pm to 6pm


Saturdays: 12pm to 1.30pm. Includes a tour, tasting and barrel samples. $25. Bookings via the website.