King River Brewing Robust Fig Porter

King River Brewing

Published August 10, 2017

Earlier in 2017, when The Crafty Pint swung by King River Brewing to check out the fledgling brewery, co-owner and brewer Nathan Munt took us for a wander along the driveway leading to the family farm to pick some figs from his father-in-law Wally's little copse. Delicious, soft and juicy they were too, with those that didn't end up in Crafty Pot Jr's mouth or Wally's vanilla fig jam set aside for a beer. And that beer is this robust porter.

Nathan says it's: "A traditional English porter with hints of chocolate and coffee on the nose. Adding over 40kg of estate grown figs to the boil provides a generous sweetness complimenting the dark malts and balancing out any bitterness. Sweet biscuit malts and spicy hop characters provide an earthiness to the beer as well. The fig flavour is subtle and increases in intensity as your mouth slowly gets coated. A very drinkable porter, with interesting sweet notes."

You can try it at the brewery's Tap Room, Bos Taurus in Mansfield, the Malt Shed Brewery and the Healesville Hotel.

Fig Porter
King River Brewing

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