The Public Brewery Little IPA

The Public Brewery

Published October 25, 2017

The Public Brewery in Croydon decided early on to put energy into designing a light beer that would satisfy their desire to offer a sensible option over the bar while delivering an impact that would satisfy those looking for something approximating a bigger crafty beer. The Feather Weight has gone on to do that for them, finding its way onto many a beer list as the light option too. And now they've come up with a mid-strength that aims to do similar, albeit ratcheted up a few notches.

Little IPA tagged could be considered a "Session IPA", one of those categories that seems to be as open to interpretation as any, and here the interpretation is as a beer low enough in ABV to be considered a session ale and high enough in hop character and, particularly, bitterness to warrant the IPA label.

It's pale as, with a simple malt base there to do little other than carry the American hop varieties – Amarillo and Centennial. It's lean as too, with its lemon, citrus and pine aromas making a beeline straight for your upper nostrils, joined by a touch of sherbety sprightliness and no little bitterness on the palate. It's been pouring at their venues a while and is now going out on wider release.

Session IPA
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