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Released November 17, 2017

On current evidence it seems the brewers at Batch have been experiencing Polynesian dreams. Maybe it’s longing for a relaxing holiday at the end of a busy year in the brewery; a desire, perhaps, to swap the rattling of the bottling line for the soothing sounds of the sea, or to rake their fingers through golden sand instead of spent grain. Whatever the case, the tropical vibe has been embraced and brought to life in a pair of recent beers.

The first was Tiny Coconut Bubbles, a golden coloured ale brewed with the addition of pineapple, coconut and lactose. In concept it resembles a piña colada cocktail but in character it doesn’t cross that far into the sweet territory, remaining a beer first and foremost; tropical fruit aromas burst out before those flavours wash over the palate, with the coconut and lactose helping offer a creamy and rounded feel that acts as something of a bulwark against the bitterness.

While that beer first appeared a couple of years back, it has a brand new partner in Island Style. Despite being stylistically different – Tiny Coconut Bubbles leans more towards wheat beers while Island Style has been classed a coconut IPA – the two beers have much in common, namely the coconut, lactose and fruit forward character. Island Style is, as you might expect, stronger at 7.2 percent ABV and relies more on the Cascade and Mosaic hops to deliver the fruity, principally pineapple, hit while they dry hopped (or dry druped, as the case may be) it with coconut.

Marrickville may not quite match the view of the Marquesas Islands, but get yourself a glass of these in each hand, a loosely buttoned floral shirt and some gentle steel guitar and you’re halfway there.

Nick O

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