Mornington Peninsula Brewery Artisanal Cheviot

Mornington Peninsula Brewery (Tribe)

Released December 21, 2017

Back in the middle of winter, we held a Crafty Cabal event in the Barrel Room at Mornington Peninsula. The brewery had not long launched its barrel program, AKA Mornington Artisanal, with Old Pumping Station, a beer that made our end of year Best New Beers list. Guests were given pretty much free reign of the brewery – tank samples, cellar stock, the last mini-keg of this year's Imperial Stout and so on – with one of the treats an early taste of a tripel that was being lined up as a later Artisanal release. It had already been in shiraz barrels for months at that point and was to spend longer still – ten in total – before being judged ready for release.

It's now left the brewery in time for Christmas and, like its forebear, is a luscious, creamy affair. The barrels' former tenant makes its mark, with some prominent shiraz grape aromas and oak leading the way. There's much to be found amid its pillowy body too: berries, brown sugar, fresh leather, macerated fruit and something we're going to call "unlit cherry tobacco cigar". There's a bit of backend heat (it is nearly 10 percent ABV) but not enough to put you off diving in as deep as you can go.

Barrel Aged Tripel
Mornington Peninsula Brewery (Tribe)
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