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Little Bang Brewing

Released December 18, 2017

The beer geeks of Stepney went all upper class with their very first barrel creation, Fancy. A farmhouse style ale that was co-fermented with cabernet sauvignon grapes, the bottled version even comes with its own wine like label complete with some typically Little Bang descriptors such as: "That sounds like a complete and utter toss. But admit it, you’re intrigued, aren’t you?" and "Farmhouse, that could mean bloody anything. Was it made on a farm? Was it made FROM a farm? Does it taste like a farm?"

Inside said bottles is beer that's taken on some of the purple, pink hue of the cabernet grapes and in which berry aromas take centre stage. There's a gentle sourness and a drying tartness too that place Fancy as a close companion to wine, not least due to its grape like qualities and super dry finish.

Matt King

Farmhouse Ale With Grapes
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