Wolf Of The Willows Acidulus III

Wolf of the Willows

Released March 5, 2018

Wolf Of The Willows' love of language continues into the third beer in their Acidulus series. The beer's star ingredients are newly developed hop varieties out of Germany – Herkules, Hüll Melon and Hallertau Blanc – so, with the beer soured with lactobacillus, it's been tagged a "Neu Hallertauer Sauer". What's more, even the collaborative aspect of the beer – it was brewed with input from Berlin based, Aussie-American brewing couple Cristal Peck and Richie Hodges – is described as "hosting", a reference to the couple's Parasite Produktions handle.

The Wolf Of The Willows team was keen to elicit as much information from their German co-conspirators surrounding the character of these new hop varieties; Parasite was the first brewer to use Herkules, designed as a bittering hop, for dry-hopping, for example. The outcome saw the beer "massively dry-hopped during fermentation", resulting in the most serpentine Acidulus to date, with the hops serving up aromas and flavours including, but not limited to, melon, overripe pineapple and grapes. There's a relatively potent and grassy bitterness and a touch of funk to be found alongside the broad acid base in this complex exploration of beer's schöne neue Welt.

New England Sour

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