Ballistic Beer Co Ouroboros Oatmeal Stout

Ballistic Beer Co Salisbury

Published March 10, 2018

An ouroboros is a symbol of a snake eating its own tail. In various philosophies, it represents such things as self-sufficiency, completeness, eternity, the beginning and the end… which could all get quite abstract and lead you towards an existential crisis. But, when you drink this Ouroboros, they all somehow make sense and you know that everything’s going to be OK.

Brewed by Ballistic in collaboration with the The Brisbane Brewing Club, this beer will have you wondering if you’re drinking melted chocolate. Not cheap cooking chocolate like you use to make icing for a cake you’re going to sell at the school carnival. No, this is more like Lindt 70%, melted in the foil – which shouldn’t be a surprise, since cacao nibs were added to the brew.

The dark chocolate aromas promise so much, and they keep their promise. A thick, creamy mouthfeel initially carries an intense cocoa bitterness. But as you keep drinking, it keeps unraveling in your mouth, bringing wave after wave of chocolaty sweetness, even the richness of chocolate liqueur. Just as you think it’s drawing to a close, punchy espresso notes linger, and give a long, drawn out reminder of the bitterness you experienced at your first sip.

Completeness. Eternity. The beginning and the end. They all make sense now.

Mick Wust

Oatmeal Stout
38 IBU
Ballistic Beer Co Salisbury

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