Edge Brewing Project Brae

Edge Brewing Project

Published December 1, 2017

Over the years, Edge Brewing Project has carved out a niche as a friend of some of Australia's finest restaurants. Not only are you more likely to find their beers on the drinks lists of such places than most brewers but you may well find them making beers with and for them, such as this collaboration with lauded Victorian outfit Brae.

Using ingredients from the restaurant's own surrounds – namely honey and red gum flowers – this entry in the Restaurant Series layers them atop a gently soured base beer with the aim of delivering something both subtle yet with interest that will pair well with a range of foods. At its core are the characters derived from the souring lactobacillus, although not in an overtly acidic, tart or sharp way. There's soft berries and floral honey flavours in a beer that's soft on the palate and highly aromatic, albeit in a pot pourri perfume like manner rather than your more common or garden, hops 'n' malt led variety.

Red Gum & Honey Sour Ale
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