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Pact & Wignall Mount Pale McStableface

Pact Beer

Released April 12th, 2018

Sometimes, when breweries release beers that are draught only, it's not possible for the Crafty Pint team to taste them for a write up while they're still around. In such cases, we're reliant upon the brewers responsible giving us enough insight and information to be able to craft a word salad of enough substance to be of use to our readers. Some brewers are better than others at this; few have sent quite the tale we received from Kevin Hingston at Pact for this collab with Canberra's youngest (and smallest) brewery, Wignall.

The latter operates out of the city's Pot Belly Bar and joined the former in sharing a stand at this year's Canberra Craft Beer and Cider Festival. They decided to take the sharing to the next stage and create a beer together, then went a little further (or, arguably, not very far at all) in doing so and, instead of creating a new beer, blended one of each of their existing beers. The chosen beers were Pact's flagship Mt Tennent and Wignall's Stable Genius IPA and the result is described as a “hopstrosity”. Anyway, over to Kev...

"The next challenge was to name the beer, and what better way to do so than to thoughtlessly throw it open to the public in exchange for some tickets to the festival. While a number of actually good names were suggested, it was deemed that a collaboration this questionable deserved a truly questionable name: Shannon Hocking’s suggestion of 'Mount Pale McStableFace'.

"Shannon then proceeded to point out that she’d previously won two other Pact comps with similarly ridiculous entries and suggested that she should get a job with the company thanks to a shared love of flippancy. The resume is still being assessed, but Shannon is likely going to have to be banned from future giveaways."

Anyway, the hopstrosity went down well at the festival so is sticking around with kegs starting to hit venues around Canberra.

Strong Pale Ale (Kev says: "Thanks, Scotty Balter!")
54 IBU
Pact Beer

Paragon Mall Lane
ACT 2609

0401 188 438
Open Hours

Not open to the public

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