Bucket Boys Don’t Get Caught With Stout On Your Face

Bucket Boys Brewing

Released March 26, 2018

If imitation is flattery there’s a certain multinational confectioner that ought to be well chuffed were they to pop into Bucket Boys and taste this beery homage to the iconic Cream Egg. Don’t Get Caught With Stout On Your Face is a double milk stout that’s so rich with cacao, smooth with vanilla and luscious with lactose that you might just reckon all they’ve done is melted down a bunch of chocolates and served it on tap (just so we’re clear: they haven’t). There’s just a tiny touch of alcohol heat to give your throat a tickle but that very quickly gets washed away under the beer’s delicious, gooey centre. This is one for those who enjoy their beers silky, sweet and moreish.

Nick O

Milk Stout
Bucket Boys Brewing

300 Illawarra Road
NSW 2204

0431 614 578

On tap at Bucket Boys Brewing

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