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Once upon a time, craft brewers would have told newcomers they would be mad not to have a pale in their range, with beers tagged "pale ale" invariably a small brewer's best selling beer. But that's less the case today, not least because there’s a whole lot of other hoppy and sessionable styles you can now choose from – XPA and session IPA among them – even if there's an argument to be made that they're still essentially pale ales with an added dose of marketing spin.

When filling that spot in their beer spectrum, Mr Banks decided XPA would be their chosen path, and there's much about this beer's flavours that drinkers are coming to expect from the style. There’s a combination of citrus and passionfruit, plus a touch of pine, from the hops. They're set against a light malt body and only the slightest of bitterness, making XPA a beer that's sits well in the category marked “sessionable”.

Will Ziebell

Mr Banks Brewing Co

12 Hi-Tech Place
VIC 3198

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Friday: 3pm to 9pm
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