Mr Banks Wheeze The Juice NEIPA

Banks Brewing

Published February 1, 2018

Some might still question their validity, but many more brewers and drinkers are embracing the juicy qualities of New England IPAs. Mr Banks is one of them, with the brewery showcasing the beer’s juiciness and thickness front and centre on the can: here you'll find the hazy IPA coming straight from a slushie machine.

In the glass, the beer is about as opaque as a lighter coloured beer can be and, when beer hits lips, its creamy mouthfeel – boosted by the use of lactose – only confirms what you're in for. As for flavour, while it’s certainly tropical juice forward, with notes of passionfruit, citrus and peach, there’s something a little floral in there too.

Will Ziebell

Banks Brewing

12 Hi-Tech Place
VIC 3198

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