4 Hearts Ipswich Challenger Light Ale

4 Hearts Brewing

If you’ve been to Ipswich in the middle of summer, you’ll know it gets hot. Like, stupidly hot. Hot enough that the first beer you drink evaporates off your tongue, so you need you might need three or four sessionable beers before you start to cool down. Ipswich Challenger is the definition of sessionable.

At only 2.9 percent ABV, this English mild has enough body and flavour to stand up well for a low alcohol beer. The pale and crystal malts provide a nice malt sweetness, and the wheat gives a smooth mouthfeel that isn’t thin or watery. It all finishes off with a bit of peppery spice, with a soft bitterness lingering in the mouth.

Challenging to drink? Not at all.

Mick Wust

English Mild
4 Hearts Brewing

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