4 Hearts Coal Miners Stout

4 Hearts Brewing

Released December 17, 2019

Nowadays, "working in the coal mines" tends to mean operating enormous vehicles and complicated technology. But, back in the day, it meant wearing overalls, wielding a pickaxe and getting a sooty face, counting down the days until you were diagnosed with the black lung. (We all look to Zoolander for our knowledge of coal mining, right?)

But if you want get a taste of the past without contracting a respiratory disease, get some Coal Miners Stout into you. Bestmalz smoked malt brings a touch of smoke to join the chocolate, cola and molasses on the nose. The thick brown head is quite thick, hinting at the body that’s greater than that of many 5.5 percent ABV stouts - though it’s not as thick as Ben Stiller’s hair. The smoke fades into the background as you work your way through the glass, allowing chocolate flavours to come forward - sweeter when the beer is fresh, or smoother as the beer ages - and a roasty bitterness lingers in the mouth like smudges of coal dust on your face.

As of summer 2019, you can pick some up in cans too.

Mick Wust

Smoked Stout
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