4 Hearts De Honing Belgian Blonde

4 Hearts Brewing

Released April 18, 2018

This beer came about serendipitously. When the brewer found some leftover Belgian yeast in the fridge, he decided to make a Belgian Blonde. When he heard that there were beehives on top of Newstead Brewing (yes really), he decided to make a Belgian Blonde with honey. (No bonus points for guessing what "De Honing" means in Dutch.)

Thus 18kg of Brisbane’s Hoodlum Honey was added halfway through the ferment, and the result was a super easy-drinking beer that smells exactly like those candy bananas we all used to eat as children. After a little taste of spicy clove in the beginning, you’ll be flooded with gentle banana-y esters. Again, this is not the cloying, over-ripe banana flavour that dominates some hefeweizens, but something sweet and mild that takes you back to your childhood.

Although it’s 6.4 percent ABV, this refreshing blonde has no discernible booze character, so beeware, it’ll give you a buzz before you know it. [That's it, Mick – you're fired]

Mick Wust

Belgian Blonde With Honey
4 Hearts Brewing

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