Hobart Brewing Co Saint Christopher Cream Ale

Hobart Brewing Company

Released June 26th, 2018

Given its prominent position within Hobart and the regular gigs and other well attended events it hosts, Hobart Brewing Co is a venue with a need for an easy-drinker in its core range. And that's where Saint Christopher – aka "The Traveller" – sits.

It's a cream ale where everything is served up in small doses: a little bit of fruity esters, some bready, cracker like malts and little in the way of hop aroma or flavour other than what they contribute to the crisp and dry finish. There's more body than you'd find in a lager of similar character, but nothing to detract from its role as the brewery's session beer.

Cream Ale
22 IBU
Hobart Brewing Company

16 Evans Street
Macquarie Point
TAS 7000

0423 550 311
Open Hours

Thursday: 3pm to 10pm
Friday: 3pm to 11pm
Saturday: 2pm to 11pm
Sunday: 2pm to 5.30pm

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