Bacchus Bayside Breeze

Bacchus Brewing

In Australia, a brewery is charged excise taxes on all alcoholic beverages it sells. All? Well, anything above 1.15 percent ABV. And that’s what makes the Bayside Breeze so sneaky.

This is a beer designed for the designated driver: at 1.15 percent ABV, you could have a couple of schooners of this every hour and still be clear-headed, under the limit and ready to roll at a moment’s notice.

Understandably, it doesn’t have a lot of body; it’s impossible to get a lot of body when brewing a beer at this low ABV. But Breeze holds up in appearance, bearing a foamy head and the same amber colour as its bigger brother, the Bayside Pale. Malt sweetness and subtle tropical hop flavours still show up to the party, too.

This gentle breeze is a pleasant surprise.

Mick Wust

Very Light Beer
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