Bacchus Juicebox Jury Mosaic & Galaxy

Bacchus Brewing

Published July 11, 2018

When the New England IPA style first hit Australian shores, it didn't take long for seemingly every brewery to jump on board to have a go. Bacchus Brewing was one of the early adopters but, in true Bacchus fashion, just making one straight-down-the-line version wasn’t enough. The brewers tinkered with the style, pushing the boundaries in every direction: session NEIPAs, double NEIPAs, fruited NEIPAs…

…and, eventually, single hop NEIPAs. Enter the Jukebox Jury series.

Both the Mosaic and the Galaxy are great examples of how a NEIPA can be fluffy and light rather than a heavy, full-on juice experience. The Mosaic shines with orange and a little pineapple, held together by subtle sweetness, and drifting off before you experience the bitterness you might expect from a regular IPA. The Galaxy is similar in sweetness, but with fragrant passionfruit, grapefruit and tropical notes.

Mick Wust

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