Bulli Brewing Pilsner

Bulli Brewing Co

The Bulli Brewing Company’s Pilsner isn’t a down-the-line traditional version of the style, but when’s that ever been a barrier to enjoyment? Besides, it’s close enough to the classics for all but perhaps the most indoctrinated purists to enjoy. And enjoyment is this beer’s entire reason for being. It’s unapologetically easy and pleasing to drink, a beer with a little more New World hop inclination than your average Old World pils, its pleasing crispness and gentle bitter bite matching a supple creamy softness. They may not have a lot of cachet within a crowd of modern beer nerds chasing extreme flavours, but there's a reason why beers like this are the so popular amongst everyone else.

Nick Oscilowski

New World Pilsner
Bulli Brewing Co

Unit 4/1 Industrial Rd
NSW 2526

(02) 4272 6791
Open Hours

Thurs & Fri: 2.30pm to 5pm "Knock Off Drinks"
Sat & Sun: 11am to 4pm (or later)


On request – phone ahead to book

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