Edge Brewing Project Champayne Brut Lager

Edge Brewing Project

Published July 24, 2018

While in WA for the inaugural Perth Royal Beer Awards Carnival, we bumped into a Crafty Cabal member who's also a homebrewer. He was eagerly discussing his intention to take the Brut IPA style currently fadding its way across the country in a new direction and brew an IPL. Sadly, it was a bubble we had to burst as we knew Edge had already given it a whirl and had a can awaiting delivery to Crafty Towers. In the current climate, it was, of course, only a matter of time...

There are various nods to the style's other tag, "Champagne IPA", including its name, the cork on the label and a secondary fermentation on Barossa Valley riesling grapes, although Champayne comes in the brewing company's 360 degree lid tinnies rather than anything too fancy. Inside you'll find a pale, lightly hazy and highly carbonated beer in which Aussie hops (Galaxy and Ella) deliver tropical, melon and stone fruit flavours and aromas in a strong lager that's lean and very dry yet leaves its tropical hop flavours behind as a parting gift.

Brut IPL
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