Helios Brewing Xenia Belgian Golden Ale

Helios Brewing

Released July 31, 2018

The ancient Greeks had a concept that hospitality should be shown to any stranger, in case it turned out to be a god in disguise. If you were kind to them, imagine the gifts they could bestow upon you!

This Belgian blonde, brewed with Munich malt and Loral hops, would be a fitting gift. While it doesn’t look like an average blonde – it’s an interestingly rich orange colour – it carries many of the traditional characters you’d expect. The esters come through not only as banana, but as sweet candy bananas, making it sneakily quaffable at 6.5 percent ABV. Hints of clove also come to the party, along with some pepper, to bring some spice before the bitterness hits. Finally, the clean finish has you refreshed and ready for another candy banana… uh, sip of beer.

Mick Wust

Belgian Golden Ale
Helios Brewing

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