O'Brien Beer Gluten Free Stout

O'Brien Beer

Published August 15, 2018

As awareness and understanding around Coeliac disease and associated intolerances grows, we're seeing more focus on gluten free alternatives in all walks of life, not least beers. The pioneer in this field in Australia is O'Brien, the Ballarat brewer that's been releasing a range of beers typically based around millet and sorghum grain bills since 2005.

Thirteen years on from the release of Australia's first GF beer, they've put out this Stout as their winter seasonal. Dark brown more than pitch black, it's one that sits towards the sweeter end of the stout spectrum, with nutty aromas joining the more familiar coffee and dark chocolate elements. There's a cigar like smokiness and hints of leather in there too.

Gluten Free Stout
O'Brien Beer

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