Cheeky Monkey & Petition Treat Yo Self

Cheeky Monkey

Released August 20, 2018

Cheeky Monkey’s latest celebration of state sales manager Brendan Day’s love of "big dumb beers" started out as a Maple Blueberry Pancake Barleywine concept with the team from Petition Beer Corner. With the beer progressing well, the proposed final addition of a ludicrous amount of maple syrup was narrowly avoided thanks to the common sense of head brewer Ross Terlick who judged the beer to be fine just the way it was.

That’s not to say Treat Yo Self isn’t big or dumb; 60 kilograms of Tasmanian blueberries, masses of Madagascan vanilla and a huge lactose addition to this 11 percent ABV barleywine ensure that boxes were well and truly ticked in that loosest of style guides.

You needn’t be Newton to understand what you put in is, generally, is what you’re going to get out – in this case a blueberry barleywine; however, the integration on display shows a new level of savvy. The lactose addition not only makes this sweet but also, to use the vernacular, THICC – all caps intended. Ultimately, Treat Yo Self is very effective at delivering on its promise although may be best enjoyed as a nightcap rather than an indulgent breakfast.

For anyone wondering what happened to maple syrup, that is set to feature in a Baltic Porter – another big, dumb beer.

Guy Southern

Blueberry Barleywine

Available from the brewery, Petition Beer Corner and select WA venues.

Cheeky Monkey

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