Old Wives Ales & Hop Supply Co Party Time Excellent

Old Wives Ales

Published September 3, 2018

It's a collaboration between Melbourne gypsies Old Wives Ales and Bendigo bottleshop Hop Supply Co, it took out second spot in the People's Choice vote at Bendigo On The Hop 2018, its name is another pop culture reference from the foursome (switching The Simpsons for Wayne's World) and it's an attempt to combine raspberry liquorice and stout in beer form. Perhaps most importantly, however, Party Time Excellent does exactly what it sets out to achieve.

Indeed, such is its raspberry liquoriceness, you could try the old black IPA trick on a mate: blindfold them, stick a glass of it under their nose and ask them to guess what it is. You're likely to get fruit lolly, raspberry Fanta or one of those Belgian fruit sours that favours fruit extract over fruit before you get an answer featuring the word "stout".

Its lolly like nature remains right through to the finish, although isn't quite as striking on the palate where the arrival of the stout's milk chocolate masks the raspberry a little and a touch of roast adds a modicum of balance. In other words, they've nailed the brief: it's cake in a glass.

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