Hargreaves Hill & Four Pillars Gin Barrel Gose 2018

Hargreaves Hill

Released October 25th, 2018

Two of Yarra Valley's leading booze producers have been at it again, creating their beer-gin hybrid for the third year running. The Gin Barrel Gose has become something of a cult hero in local beer circles since first landing late in 2016. It starts out as a gently soured and salted Leipziger gose style wheat beer infused with gin botanicals and is then matured in some of Four Pillars barrels before being bottled by Hargreaves Hill and sent into the world.

The 2018 iteration is a return to the bright and lively form of year one (although year two still fared well in our session sours blind tasting earlier in the year); indeed, it could be the brightest iteration yet, with the botanicals shining just as brightly from the off, adding a perfume of spices, herbs and citrus to the beer's soft sweet 'n' salty side. It possesses a pleasing, salt-assisted texture across the palate too and leaves you, particularly on the back of Wolf of the Willows' fine Tom Collins sour, pondering why more brewers aren't following suit.

Gin Barrel Aged Gose
Hargreaves Hill

25 Bell Street
Yarra Glen
VIC 3775

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