Bulli Brewing Pauline

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Released February 8, 2019

Brewer's notes: Not as red as a red wine, but in beer terms this is a red ale. Well hopped but not quite enough alcohol to make it an IPA, Pauline sits between a few typical descriptive beer categories.

While it's not a heavy ale, this is a full flavoured ale. Slightly malty with hints of toffee, burnt fig and caramel to balance the hops. Pauline is not a sweet ale, as we have been generous with the hops, adding them at various stages in the kettle as well as dry-hopping in the fermenter. Hop bitterness and some fruity notes come through.

Our red ale has a clean finish making it thirst quenching. But it's not a lightweight smashable ale for standing in the sun. Drink this one indoors on really hot days. The ABV sits at about 5.25 percent ABV so Pauline is a more "sessionable" ale than your typical red IPA, meaning you can savour another one!

Why did we call it Pauline? Because it's red and bitter!

Red Ale
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