Otherside Brewing Co Experimental Series: Banana Shake IPA

Otherside Brewing Co

Published February 22, 2019

Banana. The word is right there in the title of the beer. But how much banana flavour should one expect? In these hazy days of fruits and hops, when a flavour is right there in the name of the beer, it’s hard to set your expectations as to whether you’re about to experience something soft and subtle or loud and menacing.

In this case, the banana is on the quieter end of the scale, the flavour carefully imparted via the use of a hefeweizen yeast. From there, the team pressed on with an IPA. Well, sort of. There’s vanilla and lactose in there too.

This hybrid brings together soft, fresh banana yeast character with tropical fruit hop flavours. The body doesn’t scream thick shake but it’s got just enough weight to feel rounded.

Head brewer Rhys Lopez says: “It’s a blatant attempt to capitalise on the latest styles trending on Instagram.” Blatant never tasted so damn balanced.

Pia Poynton

Milkshake IPA

Beer DeLuxe

In 375ml cans and on tap across WA then hitting the East Coast

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