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Glass House Brewery

The modern Australian pale ale has all but become a staple for Aussie breweries, generally featuring the iconic Galaxy in its hop bill. (We can thank Stone & Wood for laying this foundation, in a similar way that Sierra Nevada led the charge on their side of the Pacific.)

Glass House’s Pale meets the demand for such a beer, while bearing some distinctions from other variations on the style. One is the impressive level of aroma – you can smell this bad boy from across the table. It’s been heavily dry-hopped to boost the fruity aromatics without making it too bitter. Which leads to another characteristic of this beer – it’s super easy-drinking, even compared to others of the style. Low bitterness, a dryness to rival some lagers, and a soft body make this a smooth drinker that doesn’t overpower the foods it’s paired with, and yet has enough going on to add character to a meal.

Mick Wust

Australian Pale Ale
Glass House Brewery

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